Thursday, March 1, 2012

Loving Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So, I finally decided to get myself a small retail space and sell my refurbished furniture and cool items that I pick up at market. I have been wanting to do this for a long time and I figured there is no time like the present.

I have been so excited about the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I just can't stop painting.  It seems that everyday I am painting another project to put into the new space.  I am finding old things to refurbish everywhere.  If it can be painted, I am painting it with ASCP.  I LOVE this stuff.

This will be my first post in a series of posts documenting my preparations for my retail space. I have 1 week to get ready for move in and I am working day and night to paint, tag inventory, shop, and plan. This is very exciting for me and I can't wait to start selling.

Below are a few projects that I have started using the chalk paint.  I am still experimenting with the paint and coming up with new ideas on every project.

I used Louis Blue on the base and pure white on the detail, then dark wax.

Duck egg on the base, drawer in Old Ochre, then Dark wax.

French Linen on the base, then dry brushed Pure White and Paris Grey, then lots of dark wax.

I seemed to get so excited about getting started on the project that I ALWAYS forget to take before pictures.  I will start doing a better job at that so that the vast differences with be apparent.

There are many more projects in the works and I will post as I go along. I hope everyone using ASCP is as excited as I am about it.  It is great stuff!

REMEMBER ~ Delight the Eye..........Nurture the Soul.

Bye for now,


  1. beautiful stuff.
    good luck with your retail space.

  2. Love this I am going to try this technique on my dresser using the same colors.

  3. That last piece is amazing! It looks like a Restoration Hardware piece! I am looking to do something just like that but of course buying all those paints can be expensive. Do you think you could achieve the same look using Old White rather than Pure White? I feel like I would get more use out of Old White than Pure White with what is leftover. Although if you find that Pure White is more useful when redoing pieces I would get that instead, you obviously know what you're doing here!

  4. Instructions for bottom piece?

  5. Instructions for bottom piece?

  6. I'm wanting to do my kitchen cabinets in the same that you did the dresser in bottom picture. But how do I start when there already a dark brown with some light red tone in it. Do i need to strip/sand down to bare wood?

  7. Can you give details on how to achieve the look of the last piece? I would love to redo my kitchen table and it look like that.

    1. Did anyone receive details on how to do the beautiful dresser starting with French linen on last piece above? I have a large piece that was an ochre and them deep antique red, that does not fit in our new beach home, but this look would be perfect! Thanks, Alison

  8. Awesome job. Pls give step by step details on how to proceed to have this wonderful finish on a cupboard. Thx for your help.