Friday, August 13, 2010

It's me, Colleen!

As I sit and think about what to write for my first blog post, I suddenly realize how hard it is to organize all the thoughts and images that are always floating around in my head. I am always thinking about great color pallets, beautiful furnishings, new vendors, styles, fabrics and all things interior design. I am so anxious to share all those thoughts and images that I find it very hard to speak to just one at a time. As I progress in my blogging I hope to hone those skills and sort all the design clutter that is in my head into an interesting, entertaining and informative blog.

A little bit about me - I am a lifelong lover of interior design and decor and have over the past many years re-modled, re-designed and re-decorated numerous houses of my own and helped many of my friends and family do the same. Later in life, after a career in banking, I decided to go back to school and get my degree in Interior Design and attempt to make a new career out of something that I have always been so passionate about. It was something I had thought about for a very long time and finally decided to just do it (Something that would not have been possible without a very supportive husband). So, here I am at forty something, finally loving what I do, and enjoying all aspects of it. I have had the good fortune of working with, and for, some very talented local designers and have been the benificiary of some wonderful mentoring as well (It's amazing how willing people in this busniess are to help you to succeed). Eventually I started my own business, Colleen Price Interiors so that I can share my passion and help others create interiors that "Delight The Eye". I am looking forward to exploring the world of blogging, and hope to bring an interesting perspective to it.

It only seems fitting that my first blog pays tribute to my mentor and dear friend Interior Designer Dian Diamond. While looking for inspiration for my first blog, naturally she and her Beautiful work was the first to come to mind. Her work inspires me so much because she brings a perfect balance of what is current and fresh with the timeless and traditional. Below are photos of her work in
a home that had burned down and had the good fortune of having Dian re-design it and bring it back to its glory and then some.

Front entrance


Wet Bar
Dian is a master at designing architectural detail. Note the archway above the bar.

View into kitchen
Again with the archways. Stunning!


Living Room

Living Room
All the fabulous artwork in the home is done by the home owner herself..

Dining Room
My favorite room in the house.
Couldn't you just sit in this cozy dining room with friends all night?

I love this sweet little vingette.

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