Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love Tara Shaw

Just a real "quickie" post. Dont have much time today, but had to post this.

Everytime I go to market I come home with something I can't get off my mind. This weekend I was AWE struck by these two Grisaille Pastural Scene and Grisaille Architectural Wall Scene panels by Tara Shaw Maison. Of course I love all things Tara Shaw and I will be featuring my favorites from Tara and other French inspired designers in a later post.

These panels created such a presence in the showroom that I could not stop looking at them. They are quite large 81h x 55w and much more striking in person, and also quite pricey. So, I decided to do a little research on Grisaille and see what I could find.

Grisaille (pronounced "griz eye") is the french word for shades of grey. It is a monochromatic technique that the artists of the late 1400's could easily do while traveling without supplies. It was also used as under painting over which pigments could be applied.

Of course as a monochromatic pallet is what delights my eye, this fits right into my world and has become my next "must have" for my own home.

Below are some more lovely Grisaille art works.

above three from the Aldermanarts website

from Pure Style Home blog

I can see using this art style in many different ways. As wallpaper on one full wall, as two or three large panels, or just as framed art in various sizes. I am partial to the pastoral scenes and see two large panels hanging in my living room.